You cannot un-desire a desire
by Stingray

It might surprise you to know that you can never un-desire something once you’ve desired it. You can only release the resistance you had to wanting it.

This is why when people finally give up chasing the thing they are after, it suddenly comes to them …and often very quickly.

What they’ve given up is only the resistance to it coming, not the desire itself.

In the moment that you wanted something, a part of you has become that thing vibrationally. You are now a person that has projected a part of themselves into that desire …and you can’t go back!

Ever noticed how once someone has had a desire for something, then no matter what they do they are now never as satisfied with their life as they were before they had the desire? (Ignorance is bliss)

Now you know why that happens. The desire has caused them to change who they are. They’ve expanded as a vibrational being.

Eternal ongoing expansion is the keynote of this universe.

I think a lot of people have the impression that desiring something is a sedate gentle process akin to sitting down in a warm cosy armchair in a darkened room with a hot cup of tea and then steadily contemplating what to desire next in some deliberate fashion.

It’s not like that at all!

Just in living your everyday life, you are launching desires continually and completely automatically and there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, the universe exists to generate desire.

It’s true that some people still try to stop themselves feeling desire, but it’s like trying to turn back the tide. Even the desire to be desireless is still a desire.

Now if you decide to focus elsewhere in your life from your desire and, through your attention elsewhere, you now launch desires for other things, the universe will incrementally add these new desires into what you originally desired and you will often get, what I call, blended manifestations.

(See the introduction to The Manifesting Box Method for some explanation of the idea of blended manifestations)

With all of what I’ve said here, bear in mind that the universe is responding to the essence of your desires, not the actual language wording you think represents your desires.

For example, you may be thinking to yourself that you’ve launched a desire for one million dollars but the essence of that desire would be something like “a sense of freedom and independence”.

And so your vibrational matches and manifestations will usually match that essence - though it is also quite possible also that the essence will coincide with your language wording of that essence, but there’s no guarantee of that.

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