Vibrational airtime
by Stingray

You may not realize it but you have different emotional/vibrational setpoints for every topic you can give your attention to.

Obviously, there will be some overlap between similar topics. For example, it is probably fairly likely that your vibrational setpoint on the emotional scale regarding red cars is going to be fairly similar to your setpoint on the emotional scale for blue cars - unless, of course, the difference in those colors is especially significant for you in some way.

Given what I’ve just said, it might seem that the more topics you feel better about, the better your life will be overall. But it’s not quite as simple as that.

It comes down to where your attention is focused predominantly throughout the day…the quality of your vibrational airtime, you could say.

If you remember back to the days when people used radios to listen to music, music industry executives would fight with the radio station over how much airtime a particular song would receive i.e. how often it was played over the airwaves to the listeners.


The same idea obviously applies in the digital world of advertising as well but I found that picture of a radio tuning dial and was determined to use it somehow.

The music industry executives understood that the more airtime a song received, the more the song would reach the mass consciousness of the audience and, subsequently, the more people would buy the song or the album it came from.

The same concept of airtime applies in the vibrational world as well.

For example, you can have 1,000 topics in your life right now that you are happy about and just one that makes you miserable. But if you give the most daily airtime to that single miserable topic, that miserable feeling can overflow into all those other topics (because of your habitual attention to that bad feeling) and drag all those other topics down their respective emotional scales.

But it can work the other way too.

You can have 1,000 topics you are miserable about right now and just one that makes you feel great. And if you predominantly focus on the one that makes you feel great, it can pull up all the others.

Ever noticed how things start to go well for people who suddenly find themselves in love with someone to such an extent that they feel the emotion of love within themselves all day long, even if their lives have been generally miserable up to then? Now you know why it happens.

Now this point about vibrational airtime is quite an important one. And it can lead to quite a startling revelation if you think it through.

Most people think that they don’t manifest the big things in their lives because of their feeling about those big subjects.

But that’s often not the case, because it’s not usually the big things in our lives that grab most of our attention during the day…it’s little things!

It’s things like being frustrated by the traffic snarl-ups on the way to work, the uncomfortable way your messy desk at home makes you feel, the unpaid bills that make you feel unsettled, the petty arguments with your spouse that make you feel irritated.

All those apparently little things are making up the majority of your vibrational offering - your overall vibrational mix, you could say, and are dragging down other aspects of your life (the big things) that you may otherwise be manifesting easily into your reality.

So these little things that cause this vibrational drag are really well worth clearing up in your life every so often. That was one of the primary drivers in developing The Focus Blocks Manifesting Method.

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