by Stingray

A question that is often asked is how do psychic predictions and fortune-telling fit in with the Law of Attraction.

It works like this…

Imagine you and a friend are standing at the side of a busy road waiting for a taxi.

The road is very long and stretches off into the distance, so far into the distance that you cannot even see what’s coming.


Then your friend suddenly tells you that a taxi is coming…but you can’t see it yet.

You are amazed and shocked at how your friend can do this.

How can your friend possibly know this?

Obviously, they must be capable of seeing future events…they must have miracle powers!

Then you watch more closely what your friend is doing to achieve this miracle thing. It turns out that every few minutes, they pull out a pair of binoculars and check what is in the distance.


Does your opinion of your friend’s “powers” now change? It probably does.

They are just using a tool for seeing further than you can. They can’t influence the taxi to come, but they can see it coming from further away.

Some people are more gifted in using their own vibrational tools than others. They can see how vibrations are shaping up ( “coming” ) before others do.

That’s all that a psychic/clairvoyant does…they are excellent vibrational readers.

Now back to the waiting-for-the-taxi example…

Let’s say that your friend tells you there is definitely no taxi coming yet (because they have binoculars that see in the distance) and you are upset and disappointed by this news.

Are you fated to accept this news and continue to stand at the side of the road forever?

No, of course not.

On hearing this, you could stick your thumb out at passing traffic and try to hitch a ride. Or you could load up a taxi-hailing app on your smartphone and summon a taxi. Or you could call a friend with a car to come and pick you up.

You can do all of these things (and more) because you are more than a vibrational reader as far as your life is concerned…you are a vibrational creator.

So you can use their “reading” in a positive way by acknowledging the information it contains and choosing to create a different reality for yourself.

As part of this posting, I’ve decided to make a full definitive list of everything that a psychic/clairvoyant can predict about your future that you cannot alter,

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Nothing
  4. Nothing
  5. Nothing

…okay, I think you get the idea.

To sum up, psychics/clairvoyants are good at reading vibrations that are playing out in your life before they have manifested…they can see further down the road.

But, at any time, you can alter the vibrational trend and choose to have something else happen entirely.

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