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The Superhero Method

Wouldn't it be great to feel "infinite intelligence" flowing strongly through you?

Rather than life feeling like a boring intellectual exercise in daily survival, wouldn't it be great to really feel like you are a powerful force in the Universe - like you are really making a difference?

One approach I've evolved into over the years which lets me feel that way is what, if I had to name it, I would call the Superhero Method

The Ultimate Answer?

For some years, I've almost been living my life by an Abraham quote.

Whenever I'm deciding what to do next in my day, I think about the quote.

Whenever I'm thinking about whether I'm doing the right thing right now, I think about the quote.

Whenever I'm doing nothing at all, but feeling like I should do something, I think about the quote.

I guess I had better tell you the quote... 🙂

Rekindling your passion

Probably when you were younger, you were passionate about many things in your life.

But somehow as the years have gone by, you've lost those interests - perhaps you've even become disinterested in life itself?

Every day just seems boring and lifeless.

So how can you rekindle your earlier passions?

The ‘shocking’ truth about the limits to manifesting

It is sometimes shocking to people when they first realize what the limits to manifesting really are.

And that's because there are none 🙂

The rule of thumb concerning manifestational limits is this...

If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.

Unlocking your inner genius

Ever wished you could take the shortcut in developing the powers of genius-ness?

Here's a method that might help you.

It's quick, easy and effective - so you've nothing to lose by giving it a try.

How can you deal with a current reality that isn’t ‘right’ yet?

I think the thing that often "goes wrong" for people who understand they create their own reality is that they tend to blame themselves whenever their current reality is not how they want it to be.

We tend to beat ourselves up for anything in our lives that doesn't measure up to what we expected. We tend to castigate and punish ourselves because we feel we should be doing better.

It's understandable because you understand you are doing it to yourself and now you are furious with yourself for doing it to yourself 🙂

Coping with feeling lonely

I lived alone for many, many years. And during a lot of that time I didn't want to live alone...which is probably the worst kind of "living alone" you can do. 🙂

The Blame Game

What do you do when someone else blames you for their problems?

Even worse, what if it's someone you live with, so that it's difficult to get away from the emotional turmoil they inflict on you?