by Stingray

I've honestly lost track of the number of people I've interacted with over the years who have expressed the idea (either directly or through implication) of being the single exception in the entire Universe to the Law of Attraction.

Yes, in all of the vastness of the entire enormity of the cosmos, they honestly believe that they are the single exception to a universal law.


And that's because they are having difficulties in physically manifesting what they want in life - and they want to blame it on something other than themselves.

And yet those same people wouldn't dare to ever claim that they are the exception to the Law of Gravity... 

...or, at least, if they have ditched their cars and are levitating themselves everywhere instead, they haven't told me about it.

I've often wondered why people make these claims (none of them have ever proven to be valid, by the way).

And time and again, I think it's because they are trying to carry out the practical implementation of these Law of Attraction ideas by themselves - or sometimes with just a few other people ...some of whom themselves might also believe they are exceptions to the Law! 

And so, these people in their general isolation don't see that the problems and issues they are having with the practical implementation of these ideas are surprisingly similar to the problems and issues that others are having too.

You are not alone in having issues with the practical implementation of Law of Attraction ideas.

 ...and, trust me, you are also not the exception to the Law 🙂

Let's get practical

Notice I've used the word "practical" a few times in the last few paragraphs.

We can all attend educational/theoretical talks, seminars, meetings and workshops together... 

...but when it comes down to actual practical implementation (involving the thinking/focusing of personal private thoughts), we are so often stuck on our own.

But there's now a place online that changes all that.

It's called the Manifesting Lab.

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