How to do all those things that you keep putting off
by Stingray

If you are putting off doing things that you know would be good for you if you did them, here’s a powerful approach for “knocking out” all your blocks in one go.

Force yourself to do the following (in one uninterrupted session)…

  1. Find yourself a time when you can be quiet and alone (perhaps for an hour or so). Make a list of everything that you know you should be doing but are avoiding doing. Take your time. Get it all out of your system. It might be a long list. You’re probably going to be feeling pretty miserable by the end of it - that’s fine.
  2. Now find the one thing on that list that seems to have the most emotion behind it and focus specifically on it
  3. Ask yourself how you feel when you think about doing that thing. Write out what comes up for you. Describe the feelings in detail. Where you do feel them in your body? Describe in detail how those body parts feel.
  4. Now think back over your life to other times you felt the same way. There might be a lot of them. Relive those occasions. Really engage with all those bad feelings
  5. By now, you’ll probably be feeling pretty terrible. Now completely forget about all the things that have made you feel this way, and focus only on the feelings in your body at this moment.
  6. It’s time to knock it all out in one go: While staying engaged with the feelings in your body, apply a clearing method, something like EFT or the 45 Second Method would work - perhaps even the MC2 Method.
  7. Keep focusing only on the feelings in your body, not what has triggered you to feel this way. Keep going until all the negativity has been neutralized or, at least, until it feels negligible.
  8. You have just dealt with most, perhaps even all, of what is blocking you in your life right now and, over the coming days, you’ll find it much easier (perhaps even effortless) to do those resistant things - and much more
  9. Now get on with living your happy life. 

Can’t Do It Yourself?

If you are struggling with doing this for yourself, you have some options…

  • Ask for advice in this forum
  • Get someone to guide you through the process who is familiar with these ideas
  • Sign up for the Manifesting Lab, where you will find many more clearing methods, video demonstrations of "clearing", group coaching, and even private coaching

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