Being right or feeling good?
by Stingray

Abraham have a wonderful set of three questions that get right to the heart of the matter as to why people have so much trouble with deliberate manifesting.

I am right

Question 1

Which do you prefer…Feeling Good or Feeling Bad?

Most people answer Feeling Good.

Question 2

Which do you prefer…Being Right or Being Wrong?

Most people answer Being Right.

Now the tricky question…

Question 3

Which do you prefer…Being Right or Feeling Good?

Most of the people in the world will give you one answer - I’m sure you can guess which - and most of those same people live unhappy, unfulfilled lives - full of pain and struggle.

The other answer (if you really mean it) will bring you everything you want in life - effortlessly, forever, and accompanied by endless joy and satisfaction.

So which answer are you going to give? 

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